I am nothing special.


I am the middle child of a working class family and live in the South East of Cardiff. I have two siblings; an older brother and a younger sister. I have always been a bit of a dreamer with huge aspirations which is why my parents applied for me to attend one of the (then) top performing high schools on the outskirts of Cardiff. For 5 years, I was a top performing student which defied all stereotypes of being from a lower class area. In the lead up to my exams, I wasn’t myself, knowing now that I was suffering from the onset of Type 1 Diabetes. Whilst at my lowest, I still achieved top grades despite no support or transparency with the marking of the ‘controlled assessments’. 

It’s just a pity that my time there wasn’t as successful as their results!

Needless to say, ‘if you want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself’! With juggling my health and studies, I have become a private candidate and studying 8 x A Levels (including WBQ). My ultimate goal is to attend a University in the United States. After all, isn’t America the ‘land of opportunity’?

All I want is a fresh start – I need a fresh start which can probably be said for a lot of you reading. When I was diagnosed, I trawled the web seeking advice, ‘How many units for a Starbucks?’ or ‘should I or shouldn’t I run up Pen-y-lan hill?’ Lots of questions, few answers. It truly was a ‘too hot’ or ‘too cold’ dilemma, in that the blogs were either too personal or too vague. But, nearly all of them, have defined their entire lives by their condition, which I wasn’t up to doing. In being diabetic, (in the lead up and after), I have felt no control and as though everything 'once good' has been taken from me. So, I am not ready to define my life by my ‘silent killer’.

This is why I started ‘dia-nonymous’ - an anonymous voice of a diabetic. We are no different from anyone else, each sharing our struggles in fighting ‘the big fight’- diabetes. This is why, I have covered my face, not to hide shame, but to represent all those without a say.


I may not be able to speak for you, but I can feel for you.


Please feel free to use my forum to have a rant, offer any words of wisdom or just to let off some steam when you’re feeling at your lowest. Remember, I will be listening and understand exactly what you’re going through.

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