February 12, 2017


The Oxford Dictionary states that 'choice' is 'the act of choosing between two or more possibilities'. Obviously, for a diabetic, choice is limited. But - it is crucial to always remember and acknowledge that we DO HAVE  a choice and that no one can tell you different! 


Only recently, I was told ‘I have no choice’ ever since becoming a Type 1 Diabetic. In fairness, it's only after 90% of your pancreas is shot and DKA is imminent, that we begin to question our choices. Sadly, we can only choose to act with it - not against it. For it knows only how to ‘take’ but never ‘give’ and ‘live’ but never ‘age’.


There’s a lot to take on board with diabetes - carb-counting, insulin dosages, sugar and ketone regulation, meal portioning, but the one that seems to alarm my friends most of all is ‘slipper wearing’! It alarms them to the extreme that they've been scouting for cheap carpets on Gumtree - just because I refuse to wear 'old man' slippers. You might as well nail 'em on my feet - as I won't budge! 


Shockingly, they still believe 'slippers' are the most crucial and concerning element of type one diabetes - despite an hour long consultation with the Diabetes nurse. They failed to home in on the diabetic retinopathy, neuropathy and nephropathy screening each year - just bloody slippers! It's like a 'fart' in an elevator - impossible to escape! If only there were 'gas masks' to save yourselves from the nonsense babbling of loved ones. Then we'd all be safe!


It sounds absolutely ridiculous - doesn't it?


I could even imagine it being made into a Hollywood blockbuster, starring the King of Spoof himself, Leslie Nielsen - 'Attack of the Killer Slippers'! 



Turns out - Hollywood prefers tomatoes, who would've ever known?...



The nurse understood better than anyone else! She understood that the odd 'Chinese' takeaway could lift my spirits and do more good than the occasional lapse of not putting on those damn slippers. All I've wanted to do is scream from the top of my lungs - "I DO HAVE A CHOICE!" 


And whilst I completely and utterly understand where they're all coming from - just, cut me a break! I know that wearing slippers is important and we ALL need to look after our feet, so, please take care of them! But, understand that there's a lot more to diabetes than slippers! That's all I've been trying to say - for months!


But, who said when diagnosed with type one diabetes you have less of a choice? Why must you be punished for something you could never have caused in the first place? 


And you could be saying all this to someone who drinks, smokes and eats very poorly. And they'll still have a choice - even, if they spend more time in A&E than in their living room. At the end of the day, I haven't got the choice to do all of these things or so they say.  


Anyway, enough with the ranting - I'll keep it brief from here.


With all that said and done... WE ALL HAVE A CHOICE! As my old man says to me, "Anyone could drop dead any moment," but what he failed to add was, "it's not how we go but how we lived." 


That's all. 


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